A ROKU™ remote that can skip through commercials!


Doing the seemingly impossible

Sadly, the standard ROKU™ remote lacks a skip forward button. However, what if you could program a button to fast-forward for a certain amount of time before playing? You wouldn’t have to guess when to press the play button. It would make it easy to skip through one-minute, two-minute, or however long, commercials, sports timeouts, and more. Well, with RokiJump, your prayers have been answered.

Of course, RokiJump has all of the normal ROKU™ remote functions too, even ones unique to ROKU TV™, like power on/off, volume, and mute. You can also instantly select any of the channels you have installed (e.g., Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc.) RokiJump lets you enter text from your device’s keyboard! No more finger Twister when entering text.


  • Free version includes a fully-functioning jump button
  • No ads in the free version!
  • In-app purchase unlocks three additional jump buttons!
  • All the standard remote buttons included
  • ROKU TV™ specific buttons (Power on/off, volume up/down, mute)
  • ROKU™ Channels can be launched from app
  • Text input using your mobile device keyboard
  • Works with all Roku™ devices on the same network as the mobile device
  • Compatible with iPhone and iPad running iOS 13+

Available Now
in the Apple App Store

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